Norzin Lam Street

The capital city is probably the most beautiful tourist places in Bhutan. The main street of Norzin Lam is filled with shops selling various items – souvenirs, woolen clothes, crafts, and local wine. Although slightly expensive, some things are worth buying there if you’re not going further till Bumthang.
This is the artery of Thimpu and is a very popular place here as well. Although the place is always crowded you will get to see some artifacts and so many other shops which are perfect for shopping. If you live at a hotel near this street, you might get to see the football stadium from there and if lucky you can enjoy a match on the ground too!

You can find the beautiful wood items here and carpets, clothing anything that symbolizes Bhutan, you will get from the shops at the site of the street. Have the taste of local food from the restaurants here and you might not forget the taste of those tasty cuisines.

Key attractions: Textile building and the textile shops in the middle lane of Norzin Lam for buying some of the best handmade textiles, including Gho and Kira – the traditional attire of Bhutan for men and women respectively

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