Chomolhari is among the popular Bhutan tourist spots, most popular for its treks. Chomolhari trek, starting at Paro, is one of the most challenging treks of Bhutan. With the altitude going about 5,000 meters, it is enchanting and rewards the trekkers with blissful views after a difficult trek. The trek is truly for the adventure enthusiasts and spans between 7 – 15 days on average.
If you love small treks then this is one of the ideal ones for you. Chomolhari or Jomolhari is one of the well-known tourist spots in here, and if you are here for the trip then you must be acclimatized in the Haa Valley first then begin the trek. This entire valley will offer you eye-searing beauty of the monasteries and the small villages. Get to see the beautiful alpine forests and experience the most untouched parts of the country.

The perfect time for the trek is from late March to the middle of June, also, September to November is a good time as well. However, the ideal time for the trek is April to May. Also, the entire trek is mildly strenuous but not tough.

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